• Mike Beisler says:

    1989 Dec 19.
    1/508th HHC. Recon Ft Kobe Panama

  • Philip Karsten says:

    Hey! What happened to admin violence part 2?

  • Rivera says:

    There’s not a lot of things that can piss me off now in days but really MTV on telling men and white men their New Year’s resolution

  • Doug Johnson says:

    love the videos. wish I saw them sooner. I made a lot of mistakes but finally at age 58 I took the red pill.

    • Pauly says:

      Yeah. And your husband puts his skirt on when he gets home you domineering cunt…. don’t like the truth ? Go fuck yourself… ice princess….

  • Mascara says:

    I find you offensive, me and my husband will never be in your situation. You sir a pig.

  • Tom says:

    Hey POPP thank you for TRUTH without any BULLSHIT in yours videos !

  • Brian says:

    Hey Popp, I watch a lot of your shit. Its not just funny but informative for us younger guys who haven’t been around as much. It’s taught me a few things and I thank you for that.

    You’ve touched on some of your experiences with the ex-wife but I was wondering if you would do a deep dive video into that story. Like how did you meet her? What was going on in your life at the time? What was going through your head? What were the red flags that went unnoticed or even ignored (I’ve done that myself in the past and got a little burned)? When did things start to go south?

    I realize this is on the personal side and if you’re not comfortable going into the details, I would totally understand. I figured I’d float it by you in case you’d be alright with it. The reason I ask, is that I am a firm believer in learning from the experiences of others, both good and bad, and I figured this would provide examples of what to look out for in those situations where we get captivated by the sirens song.

    Either way, keep the videos coming and take care of yourself.



  • Kimberley says:

    Dear Sir,

    Where do I purchase your book, please?

    Also, my husband and I enjoy your videos after we come back from our walks at night. He informs me what you say is very true of women today. I can hardly believe some *females* even act in that fashion. It is embarrassing and shameful, but I enjoy your spin on it.

    Thank you, sir for serving our country.

    In most kind and warmest regards,
    ~K. Gailey

  • Brandon says:

    Popp new to your stuff but every video you hit the nail on the head. Keep it up.
    Your ringtone won’t work on android for some reason.

  • Fernando says:

    Hey Popp,
    I came across your youtube, and have to say I wish they I would have learned alot of what you are talking and teaching when I was in the USMC back in the early 90’s. Seriously, you are doing great work.

  • The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually thought youd have something interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy looking for attention.

    • The Poppster says:

      How nice for you. Why don’t you do us a favor: pick yourself a lovely direction that you find aesthetically appealing and FUCK OFF in it. Have a nice day.

      • Jay Bee says:

        Omg so hilarious! Told my soon to be ex wife that today in not so many words. LMAO She thinks “Piece of Fish” dating site is okay for her to be on while still married and not EVEN legally seperated yet. Only 70 days apart. My attorney agreed. She thinks it was a good idea lol!
        Yeah thats a 2000lb JDAM you just released on yourself.
        First time on your site, will be here for Army education daily though.
        369th Sig, SOCOM

      • Richard A. Washburn says:

        Hey Popp…..you ever notice how often people from the UK try to tell us in the U.S. how we’re supposed to act or think? His title is UK Casino Slots. Wonder if there’s a correlation there?

  • Dreaming Music says:

    LOVE the way you piss off the snow flakes!

    Please keep up the good work!

  • Jay Bee says:

    I think this should be mandatory reading for highschoolers and p.o.s. liberal hate tank moron ass vaccuumes. keep it up Popp, Battle Dwarf and co.

  • visit site says:

    I simply want to say I am just newbie to blogs and absolutely enjoyed your page. Likely I’m planning to bookmark your website . You absolutely have very good articles and reviews. Many thanks for revealing your web page.

  • Chase says:

    Hey Popp, I have just watch a good amount of your YouTube videos and I just want to say “wow.” I am in my early 20’s and have always had a feeling in my gut that a marriage might not be for me, but I never knew why. It wasn’t till I watched your videos that you gave me the answer. There really is no true benefit for the modern day male in marriage anymore. It is very sad. Watching your videos have given me a better perspective on how to safe guard me and my financial future in this crazy society.

  • Mark Brandis says:

    I have to admit that I am married but my wife is on of those -100k girls, beside some other qualities. She would defend me with everything she’s got (proven!). Nevertheless, I can underline every aspect of your statements. Since I live in Germay I can tell you the difference to the U.S. While being divorced in Germany you are loosing a lot of your money, pride and one of your balls, in the U.s. you are doomed, loosing both balls and everything that hangs not far enough. If I would have to enter the ring again, MGTOW would be my way, that much is clear. Until then I will enjoy your videos, have a drink with spicy snowflake and feminist-tears that you are squeezing for us. Cheers!

  • Diego says:

    Hi Terence, I been following your channel for some time and the least I can say is that you have a VERY UNIQUE STYLE… the least…
    I really like when you are talking shit
    , the humor and sarcasm, and all that goes along those lines.
    I want to point at something else that may be getting a litle bit less atention; your comments when you are talking “straight”, like an older brother that really cares about his sibling, those are really really good, like the bits that you let at the end of your videos, those bits are in a different tone, a very powerfull one.
    I would like to see more of those straight talk, but I do love whhen you are calling the things as they are, I laugh my ass off…
    Thanks man…
    You are real.

  • Clark, Devin says:

    2 things my brothas:
    A.) Awesome stuff, love the channel and site! If only I had found it sooner… stupid cunts took me for everything. Anyways, yeah, keep it up, your material has really changed my outlook on things.

    B.)If you guys ever want to knock a few back, let me know. I want to start making content for youtube and after watching your drunken presentations, I came up with drunken/intoxicated interviews with my favorite Youtube personalities. Since you were the inspiration, I thought it’d be only right that you were the first interview. Let’s talk.

  • Kurt says:

    Numbers don’t lie Terrence. You’re doing a great job. Keep on telling the truth by using logic, reason and real math.

  • Joey Sparks says:

    Fuck Popp, I wish my dad had your insight. I’m 55 and been struggling with that purple pill nearly all my life. Your work should be a required junior high school class. Thanks for all that you are doing and have done. Nice to know that I’m not alone

  • Roberto Fiad says:

    We, men, need our own Anti-Defamation League. We need Mens’Rights Lawyers, our own lobbyists in Washington, our own propagandists, our own megaphone system

    • So many of us are trying to break through! Popp does excellent bringing facts to light. We won’t stop until the needed corrections are made. As a veteran myself I understand Popp’s drive. He won’t stop. Bottom line.

  • abysswalker says:

    Hey Popps
    Really love your site, full of all the good shit I wish I knew when I was younger(68 YO now), watching your vids is so much like being in the barricks or out with my fellow Marines/ Solders during my military days(20 years total, I really miss thoughs days).

    Do you have capabilities to take paypale/if so do you have a link??

  • murf says:

    I am not offended, nor even a little embarrassed, by anything you have posted on this site or said in any of the many videos of yours that I have watched. Up your game.

  • These two better settle their score now before everything ends up burnt!

  • Joshua says:


    Any chance you could draft a Looks Factor Report Doc? love that vid!

    You rock Sir,


  • Jeff says:

    Hey Popp
    Just a quick note of thanks. My nephew is great father, and a good man, who is currently getting divorce raped, complete with false child abuse allegations. It was totally messing with his head.I was worried that he might have been considering something final. I showed him “The Long Game.” It helped.
    Thanks man.

  • Randy Magny says:

    From Canada!!!.. great site ..great channel… just simply love it … always waiting for new post .. thanxs so much Popp ..

  • Paul Gray says:

    Someone needs to make a T-shirt that says “FUCK DENIRO” since his new catch phrase is fuck trump. I’d buy one.

  • Steve d says:

    i really liked a t-shirt you were wearing in one episode.”skills fade but meanness lasts forever ” i was hoping to see thatone on the vote.

  • Nagolbud says:

    I like the first one. Very true!

  • gary tillery says:

    hey popp love your shit, even went as far as to red pill the shit out of the wife. she loves your you youtube videos. now I have a friend who is a army vet who has been staying with us and he as this women who lives about 2 hours away. this girl has him down as a rebound, a slingback, slot c deep into his wallet and she is a know whore. which you can guess has cheated on him a lot. is there anything I can do to help him cuase he is so blue pilled that I can even get him to watch you videos and pointing out her fuckups only gets him to go but she loves me. hell this slut has even treathen to commit suicde to sling him back.

  • Mike says:

    Popp. You and your cohorts need to sit down, with booze, obviously, and listen to The Black Phillip Show with Patrice O’Neal. He, I believe, is the creator of the Red Pill. Do enjoy.

  • Richard A. Washburn says:

    I’m liking the laughing skull myself.

  • Rafe Sabo says:

    I like The Truth is Not an Insult one best. I’ll take mine size 2X.
    Great videos, Great message!!

  • Paula says:

    Thank you for the videos Popp! I’m a big secretive fan, that’s because I’m surrounded by a bunch of entitled feminist and fags .. I almost forgot what a real man sounds like; you and I sir share the same sense of humor so please never stop the videos.

  • Patrick Keon says:

    Hey Ranger,

    What do you think of women going to Ranger school? I have a friend of mine who was an RI and he said they lowered the standard on pt just for women.
    Your thoughts?
    Patrick Cco 1/75 Ranger class 1/77 ( when it was hard) ha ha

  • John Benefield says:

    Hey popp did you hear about this “white supremacist attack” I think the fight is coming sooner than I even thought. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-47590685

  • hat popps seen a good one on youtubea bitch got breast cancer.she froze her eggs befor kemo down the road she sewed her exhubby for his sperm she won the judge threw in child support i think it was arazona sperm jacked raw deel or what

  • John Walters says:

    Love your videos. Sent you a email hope you read it. This Vet appreciates all you do and have done .

  • Jeff says:

    Just found your videos on You Tube great shit, so true.But I can’t find any unto date videos. Will still try.Keep up the good work, we need to fight back to keep our self respect our honor. I like how you’r keeping the younger generation informed.

  • Seven says:

    Terrance Popp God bless all your knowledge and God bless you.
    Behind every joke there’s a dark truth
    God bless

  • Thomas R Slak says:

    Popp gear request.
    Please consider adding hats to the items for sale.
    I’m binge watching your videos so my life must pathetic. Great content both lair & libtard roasts

  • Keep on working, great job!

  • Will H says:

    Thanks so much for putting down your philosophy in words. So much of this is profound and learned at the coal face.

    I read this in one sitting over a couple of beers at my local pub (I am a brit).

    The final words at the end of some of the chapters – reminding me of the Book of 5 Rings by Musashi Myamoto. Profound lessons to contemplate long and hard.

    Thanks again Mr Popp

  • Anthony Trimarchi says:

    Hey Pop,

    Would love to buy your book but I don’t have the time to read it. Think you could post it on Audible?

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