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Administrative Violence is Live

Administrative Violence: Divorce and Custody Edition is the culmination of more than 10 years of research and practical application of military tradecraft in the civilian sector. It sucks that you have to fight dirty to get the equal treatment promised to men in the constitution, BUTT that brings me to the best part of this course: As underhanded as some of these tactics might be, it's all legal!

For $200, you receive:

  • Over 4 hours of original video content, including interviews with men who have gone through the hell of divorce and family court. These videos are very NSFW and include the best butts this side of a fancy ashtray.

  • A workbook with backstory about the application of these process, and letter-writing examples to get you started.

For a downloadable copy, CLICK HERE and you will be taken to Stripe to pay for the course. The confirmation of your payment will include a link to download the course from a secure cloud, stationed in another country.

For a physical copy, CLICK HERE. There is a $25 surcharge for shipping and physical materials, and all copies will be sent next week. Be sure to double check your mailing address.

Thank you for supporting this content and helping to save the lives of 437 individuals and counting.

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