• Terrence Popp

I Fart in Your General Direction

Even the original Trojan Horse was nowhere near as effective and deadly as Joe Biden.

#GruntSpeakLive #FoodCrisis #TalibanJo

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WEIRD NEWS I Fart In Your General Direction https://archive.vn/O2V9h Sea Snakes Attacking Divers Are Just Horny https://archive.vn/sxAL0 Paranormal Popp: Past Life Twatter Threads https://archive.vn/G65sC

THIS WEEK IN WAHMYN Entitled Mom on a Plane https://archive.vn/UYpFZ Why Wahmyn Shouldn’t Vote https://archive.vn/kBJ5l

LUMP OF VOMIT Artificial Food Crisis! Farmers Being Paid to Destroy Their Crops AGAIN! https://vimeo.com/591944922/9680cc2463

HIDEN WITH BIDEN Anti-Second Amendment Admin Misplaced Billions in Munitions https://archive.vn/BiMnJ Biden Doesn’t Know What’s Going On

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-YwyMrcqVg ABC Edits Biden Interview to Hide Alzheimer’s https://archive.vn/Psnya US Dead Last in Media Trust https://archive.vn/7VfEV Even Bin Laden Knew the Deal https://archive.ph/6jrcH Biden Continues to Trust the Taliban https://archive.vn/JokCv Biden Pushes for More Fascism, Antifa Rejoices https://archive.vn/5yOyv The CDC is Now a Weather Authority https://archive.vn/mVvFx FDA Approves the Fauci Ouchie https://archive.vn/fX2t1

NEW TECH FDA Violated Their Own Guidelines with Approval https://archive.vn/CUZKM Totally Safe https://www.openvaers.com/ Over 30,000 Dead in Brazil https://archive.vn/XbxLg FDA Corruption in Focus https://archive.vn/SHHjr FDA Officials are Criminals https://archive.vn/ifucw 18 Year Old South American Chick Dies from Poke, Cops Blame Alcohol https://archive.vn/Rt5pT Poke Gives Woman Skin-Eating Infection https://archive.vn/K4Wso Even New York Slimes Admits Pfizer Vaccine Doesn’t Work https://archive.vn/IVtCz Fauci Continues to Lie About How Medicine Works https://archive.vn/C6YKM Medicine That Actually Works https://archive.vn/KdXZD https://archive.vn/rDiTM Messages From the Jabbed https://archive.vn/WPJb1

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