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I'm Too Hot For You, Go Away!

Take a good look at entitled female nature at its finest, dudes. This is why only 6.5 males out of 1,000 are getting married today, and it’s why 80% of divorces are filed by females.

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2 comentarios

02 nov 2021

I believe the marriage rate is 6.5 people per 1,000, not 6.5 males. I don't know (or care) how gay "marriages" affect that number, but it can only reduce it for heterosexual marriages. Since males are about half the population, math shows around half that 6.5 per 1,000 people are female. That means at MOST 3.5 men and 3.5 women per 1,000 people are getting into heterosexual marriages each year.

The math gets worse. About half of all marriages end in divorce. Also, statistically speaking, men who reach 35 without marrying never will, so heterosexual women today have only a 15 year window of opportunity for matrimony between 18 and 33. So that's only 3.5 x 15 / 2,…

Me gusta

Glen Patrick Alker
Glen Patrick Alker
10 sept 2021

Hey Popp

More marriage data from Aussie for 2020.

Keep up the good work.


Me gusta
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