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Insanity At The Helm | Grunt Speak Live

What could go wrong with having the clowns lead the circus? You'll find out tonight at 8 PM EDT!

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And be sure to tune in to see the Redonkulas Regiment Live!

Tuesdays - Thursdays at 8pm Eastern And Supporter Sunday streams for Locals, GiveSendBro, and SubscribeStar members only!


DoD Says Troons Can Skip Deployment

Bill Introduced to Regulate Troons in the Military

Policy Change to Allow Troons to Serve Openly

Troon Officer Speaks on New Policy

Military's First Troon Infantry Member

First 4-Star Troon Officer

Troons and Military Service

Troon Military Numbers and Troon Veterans

"Ostracizing Anyone Hurts Military Readiness"

5 Things to Know About DoD's Troon Policy

WHO No Longer Labeling Troons as a "Mental Disorder"

Being A Troon, No Longer A Mental Disorder

Affordable Gender "Confirmation" Surgery Bill Goes Awry

Does Insurance Cover "Gender-Affirming Care?"

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