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Retired Cuck Generals Threaten Coup in 2024

But Popp has news for them: Screw you guys.

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chuck fults
chuck fults
Jan 16, 2022

POPP, you should have shown this on Heebshute also, just sayin 1st Sergeant !


Silver eyed Loin King
Silver eyed Loin King
Jan 03, 2022

With the previous passage in mind, even if the civil war you surmise does happen and they place Trump back in office. I can only imagine that he will desire the same thing as the Democrats being a business man himself. He would only really lesson the blow. Personally I do not support any political party as they both use people for money rather than the other way around like the beginning. I am greatly concerned for the common man though and even more concerned for the children born out of this. I do not wish to see a personality like Stalin, Hitler, or Woodrow Wilson and his handouts to show up. Right now I am concerned they will let…


Silver eyed Loin King
Silver eyed Loin King
Jan 03, 2022

You need more clarity Popp, watch or look up world is one news on youtube. It will appear as WION on there channel. It is there that you will realize that you are thinking to small. They want a 3rd industrial revolution but want to integrate the same system they use in places like India where people get paid low and in poor condition. They want "other" traditions in Thailand as well, such as the mass transgender men in that country, and more corrupt use of technology with lenient restrictions. I'd also look into Neil McCoy-Ward he is a man of great heart and humility openly exposing what these world governments plan to do with it's people.

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