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The Court of Mob Rule

First the Republic, now the Justice system... #dead

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Makiyah Bryant Shooting Video

Makiyah Bryant Mother Stupid Statement

Other Black-on-Black Violence Ignored by Media

More Black-on-Black Violence Ignored by the Media

NBC Deceptively Edits Bryant Shooting to Cut out Knife

Lebron James Doxxes a Cop and Incites Violence

Lebron James is a Hypocrite

Joe Biden 1993 Speech

Maxine Waters Inciting Violence Again

Maxine Waters Demands Police Escort After Demonizing Police

Convicted Felon Shoots at National Guard Following Waters' Call to Violence

Pelosi Says Waters Does Not Need to Apologize

Democrats Vote Not to Censure Waters

Trump Banned and Impeached for False Claims

Chauvin Trial Judge Calls out Waters

YouTube CEO Gives Herself an Award

Fentanyl Floyd Died of Overdose, Not Knee

Riots After Verdict

BLM Calling for White Genocide

Pelosi Thanks Floyd for Dying

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