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When Karma Kicks Your Butt

Democrats may wanna start watching what they say. It’s almost like the internet never forgets.

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Groom Shoots Friend After Wedding

Gwen Berry Fails After Virtue Signal

Rapinoe Cries After Getting Destroyed AGAIN!

Kathy Griffin Has Lung Cancer

Fourth Epstein Situation Since Capitol Riot

Mass Racism on January 6…. Without Proof

More Fake Racism in Saint Louis

Double Standards for Rioters Versus Protestors

Cuomo Did It Cuomo With a Blanket Denial and Re-Direct

Biden Calls For Cuomo to Resign (timecode 18:25)

Scientists Want to Genetically Modify Mosquitoes

Sky News Speaks Out About YouTube Fascism

Twitter Fascism Uncovered in Detail

Elections Expert Confirms Election Fraud

The German Gestapo is Back!

NYC First City with Vaccine Passports

Fake COVID Vaccines Don’t Work

Even Biden Admits It (timecode 11:15)

Compare to Polio


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