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Who, What, Where n Why. The World Is Falling Apart| Grunt Speak Live

The World is going to Hell in a handbasket. Lets dig through the sheeite tonight at 8 PM EDT!

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Military and civilian fatalities due to the Second World War

Russo-Finnish War

How Joseph Stalin Starved Millions in the Ukrainian Famine

1941 Red Army Purge

Russia Assigns Tank Regiment to Fetch Wrecks

Casualties of the Russo-Ukrainian War

China Ramps Up Building Ships That Could Help it Invade Taiwan

China’s Growing Military, Economic Power

New China Report Details CCP’s Growing Military Arsenal

Why is China making a permanent enemy of India?

China–India relations

China’s economy will be hobbled for years by the real estate crisis

Houthi ballistic missile strikes US-owned and operated cargo ship

Revolutionary Guards attack Israel's 'spy HQ' in Iraq

Military is Planning to Derail Trump Presidency

Explosions reported near US Consulate in Iraq

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Jan 17

Gen. Milley and "Rachel" Levine have been gay lovers since they shared the gym showers at Belmont Hill School in the 70's.

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