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Why The US Military is Failing Recruitment Goals

Get woke, go broke is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Nov 09, 2022

Speaking as a born and raised female, women are not as analytical as men are where warfare is concerned. Men are sexually attracted to women and women thinking the men can turn this natural aspect off is immature and just plain stupid, and if women are not prepared to service the men while in their world, then they should not enlist. This is not harsh, merely reality of our differences. Women were not CREATED to fight. We are the GLUE that holds the family together and men are the PROTECTORS. The world today is so fucked up.


Nov 09, 2022

In Canada now because of low enrollment, the CAF are now contemplating allowing foreign nations sign up.

The military can't seem to find the money to pay men/women better but the politicians can find the billions to give other nations funds at a drop of a hat, ie. Ukrainian $70 billion so far

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