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All Kinds of Fat

Fat shaming works. And it may save your life.

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Sources (in order of appearance):

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2 commentaires

21 déc. 2020

at my worst I was 333, then I stopped drinking soda and lost 50lbs in a year. I've more or less stayed right around 275 for the last 9 years. my weight varies by 5-10lbs, but I usually keep it in the 275 area (myself and my family doctor would be happier if that was 175-200... I'm trying)

I'll be 47 years old in about 4 weeks, and I am seriously considering the 65 and out plan. I mean why not? I've been divorced for 20 years, I've been single almost that entire time, I haven't gotten laid in over 12 years... I'm already waiting to check out of my meat suit, and then we had 2020 and I'm just…


18 déc. 2020

The fatties depicted in this video were never trying to lose weight anyway. Now they have a new excuse for why they do not have to try. It 's the ones who have not gone past the point of no return that are harmed the most.

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