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Democrat Disintegration | Live From The Lair

The Democrats Are In Full On Panic Mode. We'll Break Their Panic In Full tonight at 8 PM EDT!

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Send physical donations to: Productions

29488 Woodward Avenue, Unit 407

Royal Oak, MI 48073

If you write a check, make it out to Second Class Citizen, 501c3

All donations are tax deductible

And be sure to tune in to see the Redonkulas Regiment Live!

Tuesdays - Thursdays at 8pm Eastern And Supporter Sunday streams for Locals, GiveSendBro, and SubscribeStar members only!


Democrats Provoking Civil War

Replacing Joe Biden

War Powers of President

Fact Check-Canceling the Presidental Election

"We Are So Screwed" -Democrats

How Kumswallowa Could Take Over

How the 2024 Presidential Election Could Be Stolen....Allegedly...

Texas SCOTUS Justice "How Democrats Will Steal the 2024 Election"

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