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So I Married a Sex Doll...

⁣A body builder from Kazakhstan actually married a sex doll. Not only that, he invited his friends and family to watch. Yes, this is something that happens.⁣

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1 Comment

Dec 24, 2020

I thought marrying an inanimate object was a woman's thing, like the one who married a train station. I suppose if he has a marriage certificate, he could put it in the passenger seat and use the car pool lane. When he gets pulled over he could show the cop the marriage paperwork.

Those dolls do look good. If a woman had a face that was indistinguishable from one of those dolls, I'd do her. A doll is out of the question though. They are just not developed enough and until they learn how to mimic the human bioelectric field, they never will be. They may not be even then since they will not be alive. Even then, they …

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