• Terrence Popp

Talking Domestic Violence with the Gala Sisters

The Gala Sisters join the Crazy Drunk Uncles to tell the truth about intimate partner violence and why the media’s narrative surrounding it is complete BS tonight at 8pm Eastern!

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The Truth on the Street


70 Percent of Domestic Violence is Committed Against Men


Screenshot from Harvard Study


Violence in LGBTQWTFLOL Relationships 8 Times Higher


Feminism Markets Domestic Violence to Women as Dating Advice


Actual Book Text


Women More Likely to Kill Their Own Kids (Despite Social Stigma Around Male Violence) http://www.breakingthescience.org/SimplifiedDataFromDHHS.php Child Abuse 40 Times More Likely When Mom Gets a Boyfriend https://www.phillyvoice.com/child-abuse-single-parenting-divorce-marriage-new-partners-advice/

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