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The Blue Pill Feedback Loop

Everything they taught you about women and the real world was a lie. And that’s why you fail. #PoppCulture #RedPill #BluePillBlues

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Sources Professors Teaching Social Justice, Not Subjects Adult Male Virginity Soars Marriage Rates Husband’s Job is Best Predictor of Divorce Why Women Won’t Date Men Who Earn Less Women Behaving Like Men Women Fantasize About Being Submissive Charles Manson Gets Married in Prison Women Lie About Their Body Count 80% of Divorces Filed by Women


Jul 24, 2021

get some pussy, then, "SPACE GHOST".....


Jul 24, 2021

6.5 per thousand works out to 65 out of a thousand over the next ten years, assuming the rate does not fall further. What are women going to do when they realize that 93.5% of them have no chance of being married? What is the government going to do besides go bankrupt when men decide to not bother making more money than we need to in order to survive?

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