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Toxic Relationships: Tell Us Your Story

We’ve all been in relationships that gave us horror stories. Tonight, you get to tell us about yours. #GruntSpeakLive #ToxicRelationships #RedPill

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Jul 21, 2021

fuck brc


Jul 21, 2021

"my story" is over. one more abuse from anyone will require my retaliation, especially pigs or any government interference in my life. doctors can go fuck off as well. i am my government and my own physician. whamens can pound sand or some dude with a big dick. fuck em. i will be worth over ten million dollars in 4 years. i will be 62, and permanently retire. my kids are strange to me, so hopefully they make their way without me now. they will be glad to see their bank accounts when i die and the will is read.

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