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What Fuels Your Nightmares?

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

What nasty crap keeps you up at night?

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Cain Xander
Cain Xander
Nov 03, 2021

guys you need space between Punis-Her because dyslexia muahahaha & please can you encourage those gendertards to start posting their suicides , i need something to watch with my popcorns btw Yugoslavija was great after the split its only getting worse , i know this first hand because i am from the shittiest country of them all Shitodonia aka North Macedonia used to be FYROM used to be Makedonija ..with a fucking J in the name The history of our shitty country is that good people fought for it but only traitors and liars profit from it. The life standard is beyond terrible average pay is around 300euro/dollarZ Full tank of gas is 50bucks electricity with controlled usage is at least 100bucks…


Nov 03, 2021

not being with my family(children) for 5 years now. that is nightmarish. its everyday. hard to live without my children. one day at a time.

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