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Biden Admin Admits to Censorship

Hope and change are back? Yeah, right… #GruntSpeakLive #BeijingBiden #TechCensorship

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Foo Fighters Play Vaccine-Required Show in NY BUTT!! They Caught the UIUO Anyway!! LOL! Biden Admin Admits to Censorship Superstraight Brian Stelter Condemns Censorship

BUTT! It’s Okay When the American Left Does It

Kumswalloah Heelsup Pullmyharris’ Stepdaughter is a Model?

Hunter Biden “Art” is Just Money Laundering

Biden Calls on UN to Investigate Muh Wacisms

BLM Suddenly Loves Oppression

Biden DHS Tells Cubans and Haitians to Stay Home

BUTT!! Criminals Are Okay

BUTT!! Welfare For Illegals From Mexico

BUTT!! $860 Million Taxpayer Dollars for Illegal Kids

BUTT! Let’s Illegally Stash Illegals in Cities Around the Country


Arizona Audit Confirms Thousands of Fraudulent Votes

74,000 Fraudulent Ballots

Ballots on Wrong Paper Stock

Voting Computers Were Hacked

Joy Behar is a Fucking Cunt

Father Daughter Die 4 Days Apart After Fauci Ouchie

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1 Comment

Jul 17, 2021

the "horror".

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