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How to Fortify an Election

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

The 2020 Ice Cream Social smells like a truck stop bathroom. It's time to lay out exactly why and how they did it.

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China Defense Minister Speech

https://archive.vn/hjvqA A Lab Created the UIUO https://archive.vn/4TbvA Fauci Kept Funding UIUO After Trump Canceled Grant https://archive.vn/JUBDf Fauci in 2012: Pandemic is Worth the Risk https://archive.vn/1iU8p Lockdowns and Their Effect https://archive.vn/EyMKc Lockdowns 10 Times More Deadly Than Scamdemic https://archive.vn/mDpPn

Somewhat Classified Intel https://box.mr-fo.com/cloud/index.php/s/bNAerWbiSMk8Ekj BLM Record Number of Mass Shootings https://archive.vn/LgNGw Cost of Rioting https://archive.vn/faqWg China Used Dominion and Sequoia https://archive.vn/5YH6A Democrats Sue to Stop Audit https://archive.vn/t2CSE Xeroed Ballots https://archive.vn/XfRIw Wisconsin Passes New Election Laws https://archive.vn/t3S7I Democrats Panic as Georgia Audit Nears https://archive.vn/86G8F

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