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Make Popp Puke

MSNPC is banned, Brett Mauser is based, Blue Screen Biden is still creepy, and the FDA is still bought. BUTT! You have one job tonight: Make Popp Puke. #GruntSpeakLive #Leftoids #BlueScreenBiden

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Redonkulas Sponsor Brett Mauser on Project Veritas


MSNBC Banned From Rittenhouse Trial

NPC Bullshit Statement


Creepy Joe Still Being Creepy

Biden Polls Fall Below 40 Percent


OSHA Mandate Blocked

FDA Won’t Release Pfizer Poke Info for 55 Years


And They Wanna Blame it on Weed


Merry Fucking Christmas, Gibraltar

Pfizer Jab Leads to AIDS?

Died Suddenly Trend Skyrockets

Boosters Forever

Pifzer Adds Heart Attack Medication to Child Vax

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