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My Butt's Been Wiped!

A special guest from Australia joins the Crazy Drunk Uncles to talk about current events and government tyranny.

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Sources Kelly Clarkston to Pay Alimony Beauty Queen Also a Hooker Supreme Jumping Cuck Engaged to Riley Reid Riley Reid’s “Filmography”

Cuckiforniastan Gives Birth Control to Inmates

Democrats Try to Re-brand CRT as “School Equity”

If This Happened in Another Country…

His Butt’s Been Wiped

Pelosi Orders Police to Arrest Maskless People

BUTT!! Illegals Are Totally Okay

Biden Caught Maskless Again

CDC Won’t Share Data

Biden Admin Moving to Censor Personal Messages

Airlines Giving Free Flights to African Migrants During Scamdemic

Senate Votes to Advance Bullshit “Infrastructure” Bill

Wages Drop, Inflation and Unemployment Up

Fauci Blames Unvaccinated Because He Wants Your Money

No Studies Proving Unvaccinated Are Spiking Cases

Vaccinated Are the Ones Getting Sick

Circle Back Psaki Confirms Vaccines Don’t Work

Illinois to Issue Stars of David to Vaccinated Idiots

The Truth About Hospitalization from UIUO

Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Says it Makes COVID More Dangerous

Israel Data Shows Half of New COVID Infections Are Vaccinated Shitheads

COVID-19 Was Patented 20 Years Ago

The Truth About Graphene Oxide

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