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Public Schools: A Cat-astrophe!

A reason to boycott Carhartt, Blue Screen Brandon celebrates one year of relentless failure, and a Michigan school installs litter boxes to placate mentally deranged students? #GruntSpeakLive #BlueScreenBiden #Catastrophe

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CAT-ASTROPHE Michigan School Puts Litterboxes in for Deranged Students Teacher Gets Fired for Not Meowing? Teacher Story Was Made Up WEIRD NEWS China Wants Your Ass DCCC Wins Award for No Self Awareness Support Your Local Truck Driver Fuck Boston Hospitals Boycott Carhartt HIDEN WITH BIDEN

Biden’s First Year an Absolute Failure Biden Calls Doocy Stupid Son of a Bitch And Now More Worried about Ukraine Than US Border COOF STUFF

Military Illnesses Up an Order of Magnitude Quit Monkeying with Viruses MRNA Founder Blows the Whistle Colorado High School Covertly Giving the Poke Malta Breaks Covid Death Record

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