• Terrence Popp

Too Bad, So Sad

Mass murderer Andrew Cuomo has resigned from office. He should be in prison.

#GruntSpeakLive #Cuomosexuals #CuomoResigns

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CNN Helps Raise $230k for “Single Mom”… You Are NOT The Mother https://archive.vn/wn65q

Chicago Police Turn Backs on Mayor Gollum


Texas Supreme Court Owns Leftoid Judge


World’s Biggest Mouth

https://archive.vn/t7Srq Disney Employees Arrested in Child Predator Sting https://archive.vn/HZcEN Oregon Dumps Actual Schooling for Social Justice https://archive.vn/iBkHZ Cuomo’s Resignation Speech https://archive.vn/JUWLl AG Report on Cuomo https://ag.ny.gov/sites/default/files/2021.08.03_nyag_-_investigative_report.pdf https://archive.vn/rceVj Biden Respects Cuomo Decision to Resign https://archive.vn/L9QHz NY to Get First Chick Governor https://archive.vn/X3ezY Cuomo Hid Nursing Home Deaths https://archive.vn/gMaiF DOJ Won’t Investigate Mass Murder https://archive.vn/ZBaV0 Cuomo Given Emmy for COVID Response https://archive.vn/CtawY #PresidentCuomo Didn’t Age Well https://archive.vn/qHakZ Full Memo for Poking US Troops https://archive.vn/QkuKl Even Pfizer CEO Won’t Take His Own Jab https://archive.vn/2qPkY NIH Doesn’t Require the Poke for Employees https://archive.vn/GDOzK The Poke is Poison https://archive.vn/i5ObM 3rd Booster Shot Guinea Pigs Now Hospitalized https://archive.vn/VxNNO 99% of Hospitalized in Israel and Australia are Vaccinated https://archive.vn/vnSvR Oklahoma School Board Member Needs JFK Haircut https://archive.vn/kd5pN Masking Children is Bullshit https://archive.vn/Kvulq

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