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When the State Comes For Your Kids

Ahmed took his autistic son in for mental help. What they tried to force on him was more mental illness and a 43% chance of self deletion. All to make money.

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When the State Comes for Your Kids

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Jul 10, 2021

when the ex-wife got the state of GA involved I had the kids. they took my kids, accused me of Vile and Disgusting acts but it was all FRAUD. but used as a pretense to steal my children and adopt them off for HUGE sums of money, while robbing me BLIND.

now a days I have a simple rule, if you get the cops/government involved in my life, Walk The FUCK away from me and never come back. GTFO.

I've already been ruined once, and I will NOT put up with that BULLSHIT ever again.


Jul 10, 2021

Taking the kids was 'always' the point. They just had to convince a large part of the population that it is the right thing to do. The rest of us will fight.

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