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Biden Screws the Pooch

Afghanistan has been a skid mark on the underpants of humanity for decades, and Joe Biden somehow just made it worse.

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HISTORY Afghanistan Before the Wars Operation Cyclone OBAMA MADE IT WORSE Obama Breaks Promise to Withdraw Nobel Peace Prize Winner Turns Two Wars into Seven Taliban Leader Freed by Obama MEDIA SETS THE STAGE TO BLAME TRUMP NPR Stooges for Biden USA Today Stooges for Biden STEALING TRUMP’S THUNDER Biden Changed Trump’s Withdrawal Date Biden Tries to Take Credit for Trump Deal BIDEN FINALLY REACTS THEN RUNS AWAY Biden Speech on Disaster Biden’s Teleprompter Tells Him to Leave Now This is What a Coward Looks Like THIS IS WHAT DEFEAT LOOKS LIKE Now The Taliban Call the Shots Taliban Collecting Weapons from Civilians Mass Executions Beginning Taliban Negotiated with Afghan Military Since 2020 Death to America DAMAGE CONTROL Leftoids Try to Blame Republicans


Obama’s CIA Director Encourages Joe to Take Responsibility USA Today Calls Him Out CNN Calls Him Out Multiple Times

STRENGTH VS. WEAKNESS Trump Bombed Taliban to the Table State Dept. Asks Taliban to Create Inclusive Government Why Plan an Ex-Fil When You Can Produce THIS?

REFUGEES Now We Have to Foot the Bill Again Taliban Seizes US Munitions Left By Lazy Joe

DID JOE DO IT FOR CHINA? China Recognizes Taliban as Legit China and Taliban Wanna Get You High China Already Positioning Forces Off Coast of Taiwan

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Cain Xander
Cain Xander
18 ago 2021

that dude at 1:24:59 is John Tron :)

Mi piace
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