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False Flags or Real Deal?

Tonight we welcome an actual survivor of the Mandalay Bay Massacre to tell his story, and dive into some more forbidden subjects on New Tech. Bookmark the links below.

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3 comentários

Cristi Baciu
Cristi Baciu
21 de out. de 2021

When I heard the mom quote from that book, I was like "fuckk nowww, I would pull my kid out of that school immediately. What is this fuckery?"


Cristi Baciu
Cristi Baciu
21 de out. de 2021

The second you classify protests as domestic terrorism, you fucked up hard. Welcome to communism, ma boys. You better wake the fuck up Americans or you'll be the next USSR very soon.


20 de out. de 2021

Can you post the links to the censored vids and photos of the carnage? Not a sadistic bastard here -- just want to have them for future debates, if needed.

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