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Hey Barry, The Outrage is Not Fake

You know the leftoids are desperate when they trot out Big Mike’s wife.

#GruntSpeakLive #BlueScreenBiden #Obummer

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ALEC BALDWIN The Anti-Gun Active Shooter Worst Aged Tweet Ever Anti-Gun Baldwin Number One Rule Never Hire a Fat TikTok Feminist Not Baldwin’s First Rodeo


Biden Says First Responders Should be Fired

Booty Judge the Failure

Booty Judge Praises Biden Leadership LOL

LUMP OF VOMIT Faith in Humanity…. Gone Riggs is Alive and Well Irony: A Rapist Named Fiston


Loudoun County Knew About Rape and Covered it Up

Arrest Dad Instead and Conflate it to All Parents

Loudoun County Forces Parents to Sign NDA for CRT

FBI Intimidation Like the Old KGB

Obummer Shows Up and Fucks Up

This is Fake Outrage

It Is a Real Culture War

Why We Need to Destroy Marxism in Schools

The ADL Weighs In

Rice Tells the Truth About CRT

The Root Goes Nuclear With Lies

Debunking CRT On Sale


Noam Chomsky

This is Who Democrats Trust - Fauci

People Don’t Buy the Fluff

Fauci Lied Under Oath

Louisiana High School Poking Kids Without Consent

UK Seeing Huge Spike After Jabs

The Facts of Covid Deaths

Fight Like Hell - LEGALLY - Start Around 3:22

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