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Hey Leftoids! Cut it Out!

The modern American Leftoid loves children so much they can’t wait to delete them. #GruntSpeakLive #Afghanistan #Texas

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China Bans Girlie Men Dude Chops Off Buddy’s Wang Biden Admin Rejects More Privacy Harris Evokes Bible for Poke TEXAS ABORTION LAW SCOTUS Upholds Texas Decision (Propaganda Alert) Roe v Wade Decision Abortion Clock Jen Psaki’s Abortion Temper Tantrum Abortions: Not Just For Wahmyn LOL Biden Admin’s War on Women Radical Feminists and Abortion Abortion is About Rejecting Responsibility Church of Satanism Seeks Religious Exemption IT’S ALL MEN’S FAULT Except Women Lie About Birth Control Women Avoid Condoms No Reproductive Rights for Men Child Support Cases HIDEN WITH BIDEN Biden Drone Strike Kills Kids, Not Terrorists 13 People Are Dead Who Didn’t Have to Be Biden Admin Tries to Erase Records of Weapons THE REAL REASON FOR AFGHANISTAN? $1 Trillion in Lithium (China) Untapped Oil (Burisma) Burisma and Biden Bungle Afghanistan for Profit And Of Course More Free Votes for Democrats NEW TECH SEGMENT The Virus Itself was Propaganda Is It Even Real? Read For Yourselves FDA Approval was Propaganda Real Vaccine Deaths Closer to 150,000 More COVID Propaganda from Emily Walker AMA Encourages Medical Disinformation to Push Narrative Rolling Stone Caught Gathering Moss Poke Makes Death Rates Worse EVERYWHERE HORSE DEWORMER! Joe Rogan on Ivermectin Ivermectin Won a Nobel Prize Ivermectin FTW Ivermectin Works Better Than Jab in 63 Confirmed Studies

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