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Modern Women Want to Falsely Accuse Men Without Retaliation

The “Shitty Media Men” list is a microcosm of a major problem in our culture: The feminine lack of accountability.

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The Shitty Media Men Backlash

The Actual List

Woman Gets Away with Raping 13 Year Old Boy

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Tim St Clair

I worked in the medical field and the women will bad mouth you and their purpose is to prevent you from getting a promotion/supervisor position over them in that department or anywhere within the company. There is a anti-male movement among all these women whether married or not, whether young or not. I've always been single and when you stop their romantic advances at work, married or not, they get vicious. I always said, "If you are single guy and work with women, you will NEVER get married!". I'm starting retirement now and I have NO regrets being single because this anti-male culture started in the early 80s. It's been underway for 40 yrs. I lived it and I know.

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