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R.I.P. Sonny Chiba

Joe Biden is responsible for what will doubtless become thousands of deaths in Afghanistan, but today we mourn for a genre titan who became a legend. #GruntSpeakLive #Afghanistan #SonnyChiba

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No Fly List Facial Recognition Goes Bad for Corrupt Politicians Sonny Chiba Dies from Pneumonia, UIUO Gets Blamed Rampaging Pack of… Cows?! HIDEN WITH BIDEN Pelosi is a Comedian Biden Lied, People Died 14 Year Old Girl Trampled to Death in Kabul Dementia Biden Thinks No One Got Killed in Kabul Afghanistan Evacuation is a Complete Fail Taliban Enjoy Amusement Park Before Torching It Taliban Murder Women, Claim They’ll Be Inclusive Twitter Backs the Taliban "Death to America But Friendly" Reporter's Producer Almost Got Pistol Whipped


Bob Dylan Sued Because Woman Wants Money

Man Cucks Himself

Poke Doctor Hate Hoaxed Herself



Religion of Peace! Marxist Teacher Goes on Rant, Gets Fired A Manufactured Pandemic PCR Cycles to Push False Positives Pfizer Doesn’t Mandate Poke for Their People 18 Reasons Not to Get the Poke - KEEP THIS ONE ON YOUR PHONE! Singapore Teen Gets $225K for Heart Attack Caused by Poke

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