• Terrence Popp

R.I.P. Sonny Chiba

Joe Biden is responsible for what will doubtless become thousands of deaths in Afghanistan, but today we mourn for a genre titan who became a legend. #GruntSpeakLive #Afghanistan #SonnyChiba

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No Fly List https://archive.vn/32IjJ Facial Recognition Goes Bad for Corrupt Politicians https://archive.vn/hT2w6 Sonny Chiba Dies from Pneumonia, UIUO Gets Blamed https://archive.vn/jZmyu Rampaging Pack of… Cows?! https://archive.vn/k11zb HIDEN WITH BIDEN Pelosi is a Comedian https://archive.vn/j51pn Biden Lied, People Died https://archive.vn/YHy4H 14 Year Old Girl Trampled to Death in Kabul https://archive.vn/Xt1bd Dementia Biden Thinks No One Got Killed in Kabul https://archive.vn/acjBd Afghanistan Evacuation is a Complete Fail https://archive.vn/WDIsc Taliban Enjoy Amusement Park Before Torching It https://archive.vn/n90B Taliban Murder Women, Claim They’ll Be Inclusive https://archive.vn/4DIDh Twitter Backs the Taliban https://archive.vn/DA8IF "Death to America But Friendly" Reporter's Producer Almost Got Pistol Whipped https://archive.vn/C3ZPk


Bob Dylan Sued Because Woman Wants Money


Man Cucks Himself


Poke Doctor Hate Hoaxed Herself





Religion of Peace!

https://archive.vn/lLXvw Marxist Teacher Goes on Rant, Gets Fired https://archive.vn/omRNT A Manufactured Pandemic https://archive.vn/wgPTF PCR Cycles to Push False Positives https://archive.vn/P5mrL Pfizer Doesn’t Mandate Poke for Their People https://archive.vn/xUL6E 18 Reasons Not to Get the Poke - KEEP THIS ONE ON YOUR PHONE! https://archive.vn/qSB1b Singapore Teen Gets $225K for Heart Attack Caused by Poke https://archive.vn/fEteZ

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