• Terrence Popp

Rich Dong Rides Big Dong Into Space

Anyone else have to pinch themselves while they’re wide awake just to make sure you’re not living in “Austin Powers”? #GruntSpeakLive #DickRocket #JeffBezos

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CALLED IT! Pegasus is Out There https://archive.ph/PLO49 Jeff Bezos Rocket https://archive.vn/SFPrq Dick Rocket Memes https://archive.vn/8CtGb US Wahmyns Soccer Destroyed After Kneeling for Anthem https://archive.vn/zis6e Wahmyn’s Soccer Team Original Defeat https://archive.vn/BnM7C Gwen Berry The Cunt Turns Away From Flag Because Wah https://archive.vn/SCTOa

FBI Led the Plot to Kidnap Gretchen Shitler https://archive.ph/MhmvN Legal Definition of Entrapment https://archive.vn/xW41b

Biden Claims Multi-Trillion Spending Plans with Reduce Inflation LOL


Biden Flying Over 800 Illegals into US Using Military https://archive.vn/4eEeT

Ban One, Ban Them All


Biden Says Misinformation is Killing People


Kamala Harris Said She’d Refuse the Poke (Until Biden Was Installed)


Five Major Democrat Flip-Flops


China Still Gaslighting Over COVID Origins https://archive.ph/ZbSwm

Democrats Block Public From the Truth


MIT Study on Vaccine Hesitancy


60% of New UIUO Cases are Double Poked People


Natural Infection vs. Vaccination


Macron Goes Full Fascist


The French Are Still Surrender Monkeys


Dr. Peter McCullough Reduces Mandatory Vax Policy to Rubble


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