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What Fauci and Vegas Have in Common

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

They both suck like a sorority girl at a glory hole. #GruntSpeakLive #FauciLied #LasVegasSucks

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Fauci Approved HCQ Use 15 Years Ago for Coronaviruses

Lincoln Project Compares Antifa to D-Day Heroes

20 States Now Have Constitutional Carry

Fauci Lied, People Died

BUTT Totally Not About the Money

Fauci Knew Virus "Looked Engineered” (Because He Paid For It With Our Money)

Fauci Knew UIUO Numbers Were Artificially Inflated

Fauci Thanked By CCP Operative in WHO

Virologist Paid Off

Mainstream Media in Panic Mode

Wuhan Scientist Who Admitted Fucking With Viruses Denies Fucking With Viruses

New Filipina Captain America: Heroic Genitals

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Jun 09, 2021

gotta get me a "Bad Popp" red shirt. danger lurks....


Jun 09, 2021

Sorry dudes, I had to turn the volume off when you were talking about Antifa compared to D-Day. Made me sick

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