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Do It Because I Said So

Joe Biden’s butt has been wiped. With the Constitution of the United States.

#GruntSpeakLive #Biden #NormMacDonald

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WEIRD NEWS AOC Embodies Hypocrisy Disgusting Couple Starts OnlyFans Account The NYT Reported Actual News Blinken Won’t Comment on Aid Worker Death


VACCINE MANDATE Biden Wipes Ass with Constitution AGAIN This Didn’t Age Well Religious Exemptions BIDEN EXEMPTIONS Not the First Time Congress and White House Staff Neither Does Pfizer CONSTITUTIONAL? GOP Threatens to Sue Biden Admin - Thanks James Biden the “Tough Guy” The Jacobson v. Massachusetts Fallacy - Thanks Leftoids HYPOCRISY Remember When Trump Was Responsible for All COVID Deaths? Now it’s Red State Governors

PROTEST THE TYRANNY Brazil - This Should Be Happening Here! UIUO Doctor Promotes Literal Vax Propaganda The Vaccine is the Toxin Teen Boys More Likely to Suffer Jab Side Effects Than Covid Symptoms - Thanks James 80% of Covid Deaths in UK Are Double Poked - Thanks Charlie Brown

IVERMECTIN Government Giving Ivermectin to Illegals - Thanks Mike The EUA Loophole Pfizer Doesn’t Want Us to Know About ICE CREAM SOCIAL Ballot Trafficking - Thanks Gerald It’s Happening Again in Cuckiforniastan And They Want More

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