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Don't Put it in Just Because it Fits

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

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The Internet Might Go Byebye

Don’t Put It In Just Because It Fits


Biden’s Polls in Free Fall

Remain in Mexico is Back

Everything Biden Gave to the Taliban

Biden Called Out by Parents of Slaughtered Marines

Big Tech Censoring Dissent of Slain Soldiers’ Parents

Biden Kneels For Fentanyl Floyd, Checks Watch for Veterans

Pelosi Adds Insult to Death

Biden Won’t Even Talk About It


Pineapple Express

Stuart Scheller Video

Scheller Gets Fired

LUMP OF VOMIT SSG Bronson Needs a Court Martial This is Wahmyn Shouldn’t Serve


Teachers Sue Mom for Demanding to See School Curriculum


Mom Loses Custody Over Poke

Intelligence Community Releases Bullshit COVID Origin Report

China Vows Retaliation if Held Responsible for Coof

Flu Deaths Down 97 Percent - Nothing to See Here!

Shit Doctors Violating the Hippocratic Oath

Real Doctors Protest Mandates

The Delta Scam

The Human Immune System Actually Works… Who Knew?

Another Treatment More Effective Than the Poke - Nitric Oxide

Ivermectin in Mexico City

OSHA Telling Employers to Not Report Jab Effects

COVID-19 Pokes, Deadliest in History

Army Doctor Reveals the Truth About Jab

Australia Concentration Camps

Less Freedom, More Corporate Money

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