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Don't Ask Questions

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

⁣Our government and the media don’t want you using that pesky brain thing. Keep it in your pants.

#GruntSpeakLive #BlueScreenBiden #HunterBiden

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Stuart Scheller in the Brig Biden Pushing for Dishonorable Discharges We’re All Paying for Biden’s Fuck Up Setting Biden Up for the 25th THE MEDIA OPENLY CONDEMNS FACTS AND CRITICAL THINKING

Questioning Authority is Bad

Don’t Research “The Science”

Emotions Are Better Than Facts?!

Don’t Use Critical Thinking!


Murder Rate Up Nearly 30 Percent - Just as They Planned

UCR Report Show Interesting Correlation

BLM and Antifa Responsible for Murder Rate

135 Republicunts Just Voted for Red Flag Laws


Hunter Biden Emails Were Real

Remember When the New York Post Was Banned?

FEC Sold Out

Let’s Blackmail Libya


Arizona Audit

But I Thought They Were Heroes!

Project Veritas Videos Everyone Should See

Vaccine Exemptions

Totally Not About the Money

Won’t Take the Jab? We’ll Feed it to You!

Canada Automatically Counts Sick People as COVID

30 Facts You Need to Know

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