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Ukraine in the Membrane

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

It’s been a long time coming, and thanks to Joe Biden, it’s finally here. Let’s break it down and drink up tonight at 8pm Eastern!

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Go Away TWO GIRLS ONE FUCK UP Wahmen Hires Shitman Another Shitman for Hire TRANS-TRENDERS Homosexuals are Gay Totally Not for Attention or Special Privileges UKRAINE - YOUTUBE FRIENDLY

Russians Don’t Want Invasion

But Putin’s Approval Soars?

CBS Blames Ukraine for Biden’s Economy Totally Not Biden’s Fault…

NEW TECH How It Began Why? If Putin Wins, Taiwan is Next

Biden is a China Puppet ONE FUNNY THING Horny Russian Soldiers Wanna Fuck Ukrainian Women A “CONSPIRACY THEORY" Attacks Mapped in Ukraine US Biolabs in Ukraine BUTT Muh Disinfo Campaign!! Remember 2012? BIDEN’S AMERICA Not Ready for War

The Leftoids Come Out

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